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Who is Candice M. Gutierrez?

I am a woman, Daughter, Sister, Puerto Rican, Friend, New Yorker, Coloradan, traveler, foodie, veteran, Blessed wife, Mother in my own right, miracle Believer, Music lover, Paparazzi Accessories Consultant, Jewelry lover, unicorn lover, iphoneagrapher, and now I can happily add Wedding Officiant to my list.

Okay, lets really dive into who I really am.  I was born in Puerto Rico and grew up in new York city.  I had always considered myself lucky to have been able to grow up in such an amazing city and to have been exposed to so much.  


after high school i did a little bit of college and worked at hard rock café (such a cool job).  but my life would go in a very different and unexpected direction. 


I joined the army 1999, what the what?!?!  I served my country for 4 years and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life.  Nothing like putting on that uniform everyday.  I got to travel to many different countries, Bosnia, Hungary, Korea, and Germany and live in many states across the United states.


I got to meet the love of my life and marry him thanks to the army.  after I got out of the army I would go wherever the army sent my husband until the last place they would send him and we would make our "forever" home, fort Carson, Colorado springs, Colorado.  who knew I could trade the view of the new York city skyline for the view of the mountains, especially when they are snow-capped.


During my time as an army wife I got into direct sales in 2008.  I loved it.  I loved that I owned my own business, was passionate about a product, and got to make new friends and hang out with old ones.  in 2012 before my husband deployed for the last time I decided to join another direct sales company.  I was doing so well with this new direct sales company I decided to quit the first one.  10 and half years later I am still blessing others with affordable jewelry.

In 2014 my husband retired from the army after 24 years and since then we have been living life.  fast forward to July 19th, 2022 when I officially became an ordained minister/wedding officiant.  I would be honored at the consideration of officiating your wedding.

With all the craziness going on in our country, I wanted, no I needed to be apart of happiness, joy, and love.  and What better way than to be a wedding officiant and help be apart of a couples happy and joyous day.  I am excited & looking forward to officiating your wedding.

The person and wedding officiant I always strive to be everyday is caring, kind, loving, Open-hearted, and open minded.  I am non-denominational, interfaith, and an lgbtqia+ ally.  I have no room in my heart for hate and judgement.  All are welcome, come as you are.  I just want your wedding ceremony to be happy, joyous, and full of love.  No matter your ideas, requests, and/or themes we can and will make it happen. 

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