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how to obtain your marriage license!

Colorado is a Beautiful state to get married in and I am not just saying that because I live in Colorado.  we are listed 3 times on, under 44 romantic wedding venues for a reason.

In the state of Colorado the date you sign your marriage license is the date you are legally married, you can self solemnize (look for a blog next week on self solemnization), and Colorado doesn't require that you have any witnesses to sign your marriage license.

you and your partner must appear in person to obtain your marriage license within 35 days of signing your license.  Unlike many states, Colorado does not have a waiting period to sign your marriage license. You can obtain your license and sign it the very next minute.

you need to visit a county clerk's office in person (must be 18 years old) to show your valid Government ID's, driver’s licenses, passports, military IDs, or state-issued ID cards and pay $30.00 for your marriage License.  i highly suggest scheduling an appointment.  Go to the county clerk’s online calendar at least a few months in advance to schedule your appointment.  This is very important if you are coming in from out of state and only have a few days to get it done. Again, keep in mind your appointment of obtaining your marriage license needs to be within 35 days of your legal marriage date (when you sign the form).

In Colorado, you can make your appointment at any county clerk's office no matter where you live or where your wedding venue is. You don't even have to be a resident of Colorado, which makes this beautiful state an ideal spot for destination weddings.

in the state of Colorado the marriage license must be mailed back within 65 days of the marriage license being signed.  As a Wedding officiant I gladly offer to mail my couples license certified mail that day after their ceremony or the very next day if their ceremony ends after the post office closes.  this should be the last thing Newly married couples should stress or worry about.

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